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Five Hands-on Labs with Setup Video Instructions
A. CyberArk V12 VirtualBox Image – 1) How to setup EPV & PrivateArk Client
B. CyberArk V12 VirtualBox Image – 2) How to setup Active Directory
C. CyberArk V12 VirtualBox Image – 3) How to setup PVWA, CPM, PSM, Replicate, Password Upload Utility, Remote Control Agent
D. CyberArk V12 VirtualBox Image – 4) How to setup Linux for SSH & Managing SSH key-pairs
E. CyberArk V12 VirtualBox Images – 5) How to setup Windows for RDP using Local & Domain Accounts
F. CyberArk V12 integration with Active Directory & Testing
G. Download CyberArk PAS Running Notes
Hands-On Videos
CyA02 – What is CyberArk Digital Vault, Standalone Installation of EPV and PrivateArk Client
CyA03 – Post Installation Vault Environment
CyA04 – Cluster Vault Manager (CVM) Concept and PreRequisites
CyA05 – Vault, Client Installation and CVM Configuration on Node A and Node B with Storage
CyA07 – NIC Hardening on Vault Server
CyA08 – Central Policy Manager (CPM) Features, Pre-requisites with Ports List, Installation, environment & Distributed Architecture
CyA09 – Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) Pre-Requisites, Installation & Distributed Architecture
CyA10 – PVWA Post Installation Environment, Logs, Services & known issues
CyA11 – Account Onboarding and understand why PSM is requiered
CyA12 – PSM Concept, Pre-requisites(Remote Desktop Services, Session Collection, Domain Joined System) and Installation
CyA13 – Post Installation PSM Environment, Vault Safes, Users & Groups, Service, logs & Troubleshooting issues
CyA14 – Multiple, Distributed CPM Installations & Architecture
CyA15 – Multiple, Distributed PVWA Installations & Architecture
CyA16 – Multiple, Distributed PSM Installations & Architecture
CyA17 – Disaster Recovery(DR) Concept, Architecture, Installation & Environment
CyA18 – Understanding Active Mode, DR Mode and Failover process with CPMs, PSMs, PVWAs pointing to DR Vault
CyA19 – Manual Failback from DR to PROD & testing and understanding need of reverse replication
CyA20 – Backup & Restore using Replicate Utility
CyA21 – Active Directory (LDAP) and Exchange(SMTP) integration with the Vault
CyA22 – Privileged Session Manager SSH Proxy (PSMP) Concept, Installation and hardening
CyA24 – AIM Concept, Credential Provider, Application Password SDK, Central Credential Provider and ASCP
CyA25 – Installation of AIM Credential Provider, Application Password SDK, Post Installation Environment and use cases
CyA26 – On-Demand Privileges Manager(OPM) concept, Benefits over sudo, OPM Architecture and Flow
CyA27 – OPM Installation, Post installation environment, services and use cases of OPM
CyA28 – Remote Control Client Configuration and administration of vault
CyA29 – Manual Accounts Onboarding – Linux -(SSH, WinSCP), DB(SQL, Toad), Windows local and domain accounts with troubleshooting
CyA30 – Onboard and rotate Linux RSA SSH KeyPairs and usage of Secure Connect Feature
CyA31 – Accounts Discovery Utility and Bulk on-boarding of Linux Accounts, SSH Keys & Windows Accounts
CyA32 – Password Upload Utility
CyA33 – Reporting – PrivateArk Client Reports and PVWA Reports
CyA34 – Usages of Master Account and Master CD
CyA35 – Usage of PACLI Tool
CyA36 – Disabling DEP for CPM and Master Policy – Dual Control Approval Workflow with Email Notifications, CheckIn-CheckOut Exclusive Password & One Time Password
CyA37 – Master Policy – Password Management, Session Management and Audit
CyA38 – Reconciliation and Logon Accounts
CyA39 – CPM Usages Features for Linux and Windows
CyA40 – Safe Design, permissions and Naming Convention
CyA41 – Troubleshooting use cases and important log files
CyA43 – Custom User/Directory Mapping
CyA44 – Upgrade Concept with Legacy Version 7+, 8+ to 10+ and Hands On in Vault Upgrade from V9.6 to V10.1
CyA45 – Upgrade of CPM, PVWA, PSM from V9.6 to V10.1 and Upgrade of V9+ to V10+ on a New Operating System
CyA46 – EPV High Availability Environment(Clustered) PreRequisites – OS Clustering, Network and Storage
CyA47 – EPV Cluster Installation on Two nodes and Configurations
CyA48 – Three EPV Cluster Failover Scenarios and Overview of CVM
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