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CyberArk PAS(Privileged Account Security) V11.4 – Hands-On, Self Paced & Live Online Training

CyberArk Privileged Account Security(PAS)  is a leading Privileged Account Security Solution designed to discover, secure, rotate and control access to …

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CyberArk Privileged Account Security(PAS)  is a leading Privileged Account Security Solution designed to discover, secure, rotate and control access to privileged account passwords throughout the enterprise IT environment.

Approach to the Course:

  • Complete 100% practical approach, right from explaining concepts, pre-requisites, installation of each component, environment, services and integration with full suite.
  • Total Duration of the Self Paced Videos and Live classes is 50+ hours.
  • Access to Curriculum (Total 5 Virtual Box Images for hands on, 48+ Videos, Running Notes) of the course for the life time. Click to Access Curriculum.   #Videos 23, 42 & 48 are Free for evaluation. 
  • Topic Explanation followed by practical demonstration.
  • Components Covered are – EPV Standalone, EPV 2 node Cluster with Storage using windows clustering and CVM, DR Vault, CPM, PVWA, PSM, PSMP, OPM, AIM, Upgrade, Integration (AD, Exchange, Splunk), Targets(Linux, DB, AWS, Windows, MS SQL Server Mgmt. Studio), Troubleshooting and support.
  • Course will cover latest CyberArk PAS version 11.4

Course Overview :

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  • Understand the CyberArk PAS architecture
  • Overview of All CyberArk Products
  • Security Layers of Enterprise Password Vault
  • Pre-requisites for Installation of CyberArk Digital Vault
  • Standalone Installation of CyberArk Digital Vault
  • Installation Of PrivateArk Client
  • Walk-through CyberArk Digital Vault, safes, configuration and log files, services, Built in Users & Groups, Safes and Vault Level Permissions, Locations, Network Areas, File Categories, PrivateArk Reports and Encryption Mechanism of the Vault.
  • High Availability(cluster) deployment of CyberArk Digital Vault (using Windows Clustering and Cluster Vault Manager or CVM)
    • Pre-requisites – Network, AD DS and DNS, OS Level Clustering, SAN Storage and adding storage to Cluster.
    • Cluster Topology
    • Cluster installation on 2 nodes
    • Configuration of CyberArk Vault Cluster Services – IP, Storage, Core Services
    • Defining Dependencies
    • Cluster Failover Testing – All Three Scenarios
      • A. Node Crash
      • B. Cluster Service or Network Failure
      • C. Manual Migration of CyberArk Services from One node to another & vice-a-versa
  • On board new accounts of various types – AWS, Linux, Windows Local Accounts, Windows Domain Accounts, Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio etc.
  • Perform daily operation and maintenance tasks
  • Understand features of Central Policy Manager (CPM)
  • Pre-requisites and Installation of Central Policy Manager (CPM)
  • Users and Safes created by CPM in the Vault
  • Go-through CPM local Environment on CPM Server
  • Understand features of the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA)
  • Pre-requisites and Installation of the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA)
  • Users and Safes created by PVWA in the Vault
  • Go-through PVWA local environment on PVWA Server
  • Understand features of the Privileged Session Manager (PSM)
  • Pre-requisites and Installation of the Privileged Session Manager (PSM)
  • Users and Safes created by PSM in the Vault
  • Go-through PSM local environment on PSM Server
  • LDAP(AD) integration and User management
  • SMTP (Exchange), SIEM(SPLUNK), SNMP and RADIUS integration
  • Manage all aspects of Master Policy (Password Management, )
  • Create and Manage safes and accounts in the Vault
  • Perform and test configuration at Platform level
  • Understand On-Demand Privilege Manager (OPM) for Unix and the benefits it offers over the existing SUDO solution
  • Understand OPM Architecture and flow
  • Installation of On-Demand Privilege Manager (OPM) on a Linux Box
  • On-Demand Privilege elevation using policies defined in PVWA
  • Active Directory Bridging for Linux servers using OPM
  • Observing Vault Configuration for OPM
  • Execution of use cases for OPM (Privilege Elevation, Black-listing/White-listing Commands)
  • OPM Service Management, logs and troubleshooting
  • Understand Multiple Component Architecture: CPM, PVWA, and PSM
  • Hands on with CPM Usages
  • Hands on with DR Drill, Backup and Restore
  • Privileged Session Manager SSH Proxy or PSMP – Installation and end to end Implementation with PSM SSH Proxy and AD Bridge
  • Password Upload Utility
  • Perform daily operation and maintenance tasks – start/stop, observe logs for various components, important configuration files and known issues with troubleshooting steps.
  • Hands on in Administrative tasks like Creating and Managing Locations, Users, and Groups; Creating and Managing Safes and Owners; Transparent User Management by Managing Directory Maps, modifying External User Accounts, managing Safe Ownership for LDAP Users and Groups; Working with Master Policy and Managing Platforms.
  • Observe the various types of reports like the reports generated in the Private Ark Client and the PVWA as well as the permissions needed to generate the reports and various options.
  • Understand the safe design and how to build Access Control also understand how to assign permissions to various safes in order to implement the relevant level of access control for safes in the Vault.
  • Account On-Boarding of large number of Accounts to the Vault in an automatic manner using Accounts Discovery Utility as well as the Password Upload Utility.
  • Hands on in creation and management of Accounts On-boarding Rules to automatically onboard newly discovered accounts.
  • Hands on in implementing Logon Accounts (Linux) and Reconciliation Accounts (Windows) using CPM.
  • Custom File Categories
  • PACLI and its usages
  • Custom User Mapping and Directory Mapping
  • Upgrade – Approach for V7+, V8+, V9+, V10+ to V11+ and Practical hands on in upgrading from V9+ to 11+ (with OS migration).


  • Security Architects
  • Security Consultants
  • IT Administrators
  • IT Engineers
  • Vault Administrators
  • Support Engineers

Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of Linux and Windows and walk through of below video:

Market Demand:

  • As of now, CyberArk now serves over 4,600+ businesses, including over half of the Fortune 500 and more than 30% of the Global 2000, Among other vendors, CyberArk is prominent:

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertdefrancesco/2019/07/17/privileged-access-security-pioneer-cyberark-accelerates-its-mid-market-expansion/#6f1965a61a72

    • As per the latest Gartner Report 2020, CyberArk is in “Leaders” as well as in “Visionaries” section, leading the PIM/PAM market as trend setter. Please refer below:


Course Reviews

  1. Excellent Training
    I am very thankful to Rajesh and the work he has done here. It is a very good course to master cyberark skills, he has covered even high availability, radius integration and upgrade, which was a great deal in my migration + clustering project. It is worth every cent.

  2. Profile photo of Mark Mark says:

    Excellent Course and highly recommended for Certification prep
    The instructor Rajesh is an excellent teacher on CyberArk PAS and is very dedicated to his students. I have followed up with him for questions multiple times and he has always responded in a timely fashion. Before taking this class, I had no experience with CyberArk and he demos, or walks you through, and explains the most important aspects of the software. With the help of this class, I have now passed the Defender test and am about to take the Sentry test. In addition, I have recommended this class to several associates.

  3. Profile photo of Sean Sean says:

    Good course!
    Rajesh packs a lot of content in several formats. From listening and watching him to full lab to try yourself and answers all questions during live sessions. Very patient teacher full of knowledge. I am much more comfortable in the Cyberark PAS.
    Good content + good teacher = worth $$

  4. Profile photo of Pascal Pascal says:

    From nothing to expert ...
    My title is a summary by itself, isn’t it.
    Not only the teacher is good with good videos, but the opportunity to be able to practice installation and test the platform on your own is the best way to become a professional on this software suite.
    I told one of my former colleague about this course and he was very interested.
    Rajesh, continue like that

  5. Profile photo of bharat bharat says:

    Good practical way to understading real world scenarios.

  6. Profile photo of roni das roni das says:

    Detailed and full of practical demo
    I am very thankful for Rajesh and the work he has done here. I have started and stopped learning cyberark many times before up until I bought this course . This course was most definitely the light I needed to see in PIM/PAM and since 2017 I have dedicated most of my time to CYBER SECURITY. It has been a skill that I always hoped I would have and now I have it. Thank you so much!!

  7. Profile photo of Jay Jay says:

    Excellent course
    The instructor is very knowledgeable and explains the course superbly. This course prepares an individual to be ready for a LIVE environment. This is my 4th course I have taken with Rajesh and it has helped me tremendously in my career.


  8. Profile photo of Vyomesh Vyomesh says:

    CyberArk Training
    The purpose of this review is to help potential student who wants to decide about this course from TutionBooks.
    My Opinion:
    This is the BEST CyberArk course I have experienced so far. It was well worth $ and time.
    Why? – Because of Rajesh, the instructor of this course. Very sincere, passionate and love to teach.
    To Potential Student:
    1. If you have proper background in Windows, Linux, have aptitude for solving tech issues and “IT Security” is your area of interest then I believe you have met the pre-requisites of this course.
    2. Video learning is a must which for millennial’s is a lifestyle.
    3. Do you know why you want to learn CyberArk? So that you don’t drop out at a later date. It is not easy. Will you be able to make time for it for at least two to three months?
    If you are positive about these three points then I would say “Just Go For It – All the Way”. Good Luck.

  9. Profile photo of Larry Ndango Larry Ndango says:

    Review of CyberArk Training


  10. Profile photo of Emmanuel Emmanuel says:

    CyberArk Training
    Rajesh has an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and is able to present the materials clearly. The lab exercises provide all students with the necessary hands-on to work on any Cyberark project, Thank you Rajesh. You are awesome.

  11. Profile photo of Brahmanandam Brahmanandam says:

    Rajesh is awesome with him you can “Experience the Expertise”.
    I took 2 training one on Oracle IAM and second on Cyber Ark.
    With this training i am able to reach all Client expectations..
    He provides In-depth knowledge on each topic with hands on..

  12. Profile photo of V P V P says:

    Very comprehensive training program
    Rajesh is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and easy to follow. I would highly recommend if you are considering taking any course.

  13. Profile photo of karthik... karthik... says:

    Excellent training on Cyberark
    I have attended Cyberark training , very professional .What he mentioned in course content he will do practically.

  14. Profile photo of M A M A says:

    Best Training on Cyberark
    I will recommend the training to anyone looking to learn and understand the Cyberark, best investment decision you will make for your skills upgrade and its worth every penny.

  15. Profile photo of Rakesh Rakesh says:

    The Best training.
    This is one of the best training session I have ever had. The trainer (Rajesh) has a great knowledge about the CyberArk product & the way he explains each & every topic in depth, anyone can also easily understand. He had cover all the topic in class room with real time lab exercise which we may not get in any other place. Extremely satisfied.

  16. Profile photo of Ali Muhammad Ali Muhammad says:

    Awesome Training
    This training is far better than directly from CyberArk online resources. In depth explanations of every topic with real time scenario. This course contents completed very well professional way and I will recommended my other IT colleagues to get this course from Tutionbooks.com ( Rajesh )

  17. Good explanation of full course content with the lab
    I have finished my cyberark course in tutionbooks. Course content was explained well. Course work was well calibrated to make the learners more comfortable. As per my experience I can say that,best online CyberArk training in the market.

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