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Email/SMTP Server (Exchange) Integration with OIM and SOA

Email/SMTP Server (Exchange) Integration with OIM and SOA(User Messaging Service[UMS]-Email Server, SMS Server, IM Server)

Step 1: Login to EM



Modify – Email Driver Properties

Outgoing Mail Server –
Outgoing Mail port – 25
Outgoing Username – tutionbooks.com\administrator OR administrator@tutionbooks.com
Outgoing Password – Oracle@123

Step 2: Modify Workflow properties

soa-infra => SOA Administration => Workflow properties

Notification Mode Email
*Email : From Address Admin@tutionbooks.com
*Email : Actionable Address Actions@tutionbooks.com
*Email : Reply To Address ReplyTo@tutionbooks.com

Step 3: Modify OIM/SOA Mbean properties

Identity and Access => OIM => System Mbean Browser

Application Defined Mbean => oracle.iam => IAMAppRuntimeMbean

1. SOAEmailNotificationProviderMBean
SOA Email Notification Provider enabled = true

2. EmailNotificationProviderMBean

 MailServerName –

3. UMSEmailNotificationProviderMBean
WSUrl – http://idm.oraclefusion4all.com:8001/ucs/messaging/webservice

Step 4. Modify OIM Validation Pattern for Email (optional)


Note: If OIM does not trigger emails but soa does, then modify the email pattern.

Now restart AdminServer, soa_server1 and oim_server1 and test email integration.

Step 5. Testing : EM Console

soa-infra => Service engines => Human Workflow => Notification Management



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